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Too many North Carolinians have seen their deductibles and out-of-pocket costs rise considerably in the last decade, with no end in sight. In 2017, the average North Carolinian with employer coverage paid $8,000 a year in out-of-pocket costs for health insurance - more than almost every other state. And while premiums have increased, prescription drugs prices are also on the rise.


These costs are hurting our families and our older citizens, forcing North Carolinians to make tough decisions between caring for their health or paying their bills. After higher out-of-pocket health care costs are taken into account, 44 percent of elderly North Carolinians live in poverty. This is unacceptable. 


Instead of fighting to lower health care costs, N.C. leaders have sided with insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry by voting to let big insurance companies raise out of pocket prescription drug costs. We need our leaders to stand up for affordable health care coverage.



The ACA helps North Carolinians across our state access affordable health insurance. If the Affordable Care Act were repealed, more than a million North Carolinians could lose their health insurance, and in NC-12 more people would lose their health insurance than in any other congressional district in the country. 


But instead of fighting for us, N.C. leaders have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, threatening coverage for hundreds of thousands of our friends, families, and neighbors. With more than 1 million still uninsured North Carolinians, we can’t afford to go back. We must protect and expand access to affordable health care. 




North Carolina’s nearly 2 million Medicare beneficiaries aren’t getting the care they deserve.  On average, Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina receive a lower quality of care than the rest of the country. But, instead of standing up for older North Carolinians, N.C. leaders are leaving them behind. 


We’re fighting for North Carolinians of all ages - and our leaders should be too.

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