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NEW AD: As NC Faces Pandemic, Ad Calls on Sen. Tillis’ Record to Stop Raising Health Care Costs

NEW AD: As North Carolinians Face Pandemic, New Ad Calls on Senator Tillis’ Record to Stop Raising Health Care Costs

Tillis Has Voted to Increase Prescription Drug Costs, Let Insurance Companies Charge More to People Over 50 and Cut $500B from Medicare

Raleigh, N.C. -- Piedmont Rising is starting to air a new digital ad that spotlights Senator Thom Tillis’ record of voting to increase health care costs when access to care -- in the middle of a global pandemic -- has never been more important.

“In a time of crisis, health care you can afford has never been more important. But Senator Thom Tillis’ votes in Washington are letting us down,” says the narrator in the ad. “Voting to increase prescription drug costs, to let insurance companies charge more to people over 50, and even to cut $500 billion from Medicare. That would increase out-of-pocket costs for seniors. Tell Thom Tillis to stop voting to raise our health care costs.”

Click here to view the ad.

“As health care costs continue to skyrocket, Senator Tillis has repeatedly sided with special interests like big drug and insurance companies over hard-working North Carolinians. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has only underscored the danger of Tillis’ votes to increase health care costs. It’s time for Senator Tillis to put North Carolina first and stop voting to increase the cost of health care.” said Piedmont Rising Executive Director, Casey Wilkinson.  “Millions of Americans are worried about affording their health care costs, especially the costs of treatment, during this pandemic. Senator TIllis would make this even worse.”

Piedmont Rising has placed a six figure buy behind this ad that will run on digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube and as pre-roll ads before and during video content on thousands of sites across every device, laptop, phone and connected TV including major news, sports and entertainment sites over a two week period. 

Key Points

Tillis voted to let big drug companies raise prescription drug costs and let health insurance companies stop paying any of the cost of prescription drugs.

Tillis voted to let insurance companies charge five times more to people over 50. The AARP calls it an "age tax."

Tillis voted six times to cut nearly $500 billion from Medicare, which would put the care seniors have earned at risk and increase their out-of-pocket costs.


Jessica Coscia


About Piedmont Rising Piedmont Rising is a 501 (c)4 issue advocacy organization built by and for North Carolinians to advocate for lower insurance premiums and prescription drug costs and to ensure that more people have access to safe and affordable health care. Through grassroots organizing, education, and engagement, we are amplifying our health care stories and holding our elected officials accountable to the people, and issues they were elected to represent. 

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