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NEW REPORT: Tillis Rewarded with Pharma Campaign Cash After Sponsoring Fake Drug Pricing Bill


September 17, 2020

NEW REPORT: Tillis Rewarded with Pharma Campaign Cash After Sponsoring Pharma’s Fake Drug Pricing Bill

Tillis: “Very Close Ally,” “Very Dependable Vote” For Big Pharma

Legislation Undercut Efforts to Cap Prescription Drug Costs

Raleigh, N.C. - Last night, Charlotte’s WBTV reported that Thom Tillis pocketed more $20,000 in campaign contributions in the days before and after a fake drug pricing bill backed by the pharmaceutical industry was introduced in the Senate. Tillis was a co-sponsor of the legislation, which undercut efforts to cap the cost of prescription drugs.

Campaign finance watchdogs raised the alarm, calling it “unusual timing” and noting that “it doesn't happen every day” that a U.S. Senator rakes in so much special interest campaign cash around the same time as taking a particular legislative action. According to watchdogs, Big Pharma views Tillis as “a very close ally of the industry” and as “a very dependable vote in favor of their interests.

“Thom Tillis is so deep in Big Pharma’s pocket that it would take a search and rescue team to dig him out,” said Piedmont Rising Executive Director Casey Wilkinson. “Yet again, we see Tillis bowing to special interests in exchange for corporate campaign cash while doing nothing for North Carolinians struggling with the high cost of prescription drugs. North Carolina families deserve a senator who thinks about them, not one who only thinks about collecting checks from Washington lobbyists. Thom Tillis has to go this November.” 


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