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Piedmont Rising Organizes a Day of Action in Support of Reducing the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Yesterday, Piedmont Rising launched a day of action in support of making prescription drugs more affordable. North Carolinians impacted by the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs delivered personal messages in pill bottles to lawmakers across the state urging them to take action to lower drug prices and pass comprehensive policies to hold pharmaceutical companies more accountable.

The same day the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Lower Drug Costs Now Act — a comprehensive bill that gives Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices — constituents rallied outside Senator Tillis and Senator Burr’s offices as part of the “Message in a Bottle” day of action. Participants hand-delivered medicine bottles to their Senators’ offices filled with pieces of paper containing handwritten notes telling their personal health care stories and expressing their concerns.

High Point, North Carolina -- Guilford County residents Larry Cormier and Nancy (Naan) Rusk visit Senator Tillis’ office to deliver their health care messages in pill bottles, in advance of House vote on H.R. 3. (December 12, 2019)

View images from “Message in a Bottle” Day of Action here.

The week-long campaign in support of lower drug costs began on Tuesday, December 12th with a press conference call featuring North Carolinians whose lives have been impacted by the high cost of prescription drugs.

A recording of this call can be found here.

“Piedmont Rising is helping North Carolinians organize to call on lawmakers to support policies and legislation that can make a real difference in their lives, including giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices,” said Piedmont Rising Executive Director, Casey Wilkinson. “Now that the Lower Drug Costs Now Act passed the House, we are urging Senators Burr and Tillis support the bill and vote to pass it in the Senate.”

“North Carolina lawmakers like Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr claim reducing the cost of prescription drugs costs is a priority. Unfortunately, their rhetoric doesn’t match their voting record. Senator Tillis and Senator Burr have done nothing to prevent drug companies from keeping their prices high while making it harder for middle-class families to make ends meet,” Wilkinson continued. “After yesterday’s vote in the House Senator Burr and Senator Tillis now have the opportunity to do better. We urge them to support and help to pass the Lower Drug Costs Now Act in the U.S. Senate. It’s time for our lawmakers to take action. It’s time for them to decide whether they will continue protecting drug companies’ profits or instead begin working to ensure North Carolinians have access to the life-saving medicines they need at a cost they can afford.”

PRESS CONTACT: Jessica Coscia

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