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Tillis Flunks Out On New Health Care Report Card


September 3, 2020

Tillis Flunks Out On New Health Care Report Card

Tillis Fails North Carolinians On Pre-Existing Conditions, Prescription Drugs, Affordability, Protecting Medicare, and Pandemic Response

Raleigh, N.C. - Today, Piedmont Rising Action released its new health care report card, and on every major health care issue facing North Carolinians, Thom Tillis failed. The report card highlights Tillis’ repeated votes to cut Medicare, his votes against coverage for pre-existing conditions and lower drug costs, and his efforts to skyrocket premiums and the cost of care. Tillis even earned a failing grade on handling the pandemic for his refusal to extend federal unemployment payments to support North Carolinians facing dire economic circumstances.

“Thom Tillis cares more about Washington special interests than about whether North Carolinians have the health care they need, which is why he earns failing grades for his abysmal record on protecting health care,” said Piedmont Rising Executive Director Casey Wilkinson. “Tillis supported cutting Medicare, kicking more than 600,000 North Carolinians off their health care, and skyrocketing the cost of premiums and prescription drugs. He even left North Carolinians suffering under this pandemic high and dry by refusing to extend their federal unemployment payments when they needed them most. North Carolina voters know Tillis is an embarrassing failure, and health care will be the reason they show him the door this November.”

Earlier this month Piedmont Rising released polling that showed that only 36% of North Carolinians say Thom Tillis has the right priorities on health care, while 55% say Tillis sides with corporations and the wealthy. Just 37% approve of Tillis’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


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