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Tillis Immediately Caves to McConnell, Says He’ll Rubber Stamp ANY SCOTUS Nominee


September 19, 2020

Tillis Immediately Caves to McConnell, Says He’ll Rubber Stamp ANY SCOTUS Nominee

Tillis Hypocritically Reverses Himself From 2016 When He Said New Justice Should Be Put On Hold During Presidential Election

WATCH Tillis from 2016: “We're Not Going to Nominate a Supreme Court Justice Until the People Have Spoken”

RALEIGH, N.C. - Today, Thom Tillis reversed his 2016 position, caved to Mitch McConnell, and said he would rubber stamp any Trump nominee to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. In February 2016, Senator Tillis supported the “McConnell Rule,” backing Mitch McConnell as he blocked consideration of President Obama’s nominee to fill the vacancy created by Justice Scalia’s death. At the time, Tillis made multiple public statements in favor of delaying a confirmation saying,the voice of the American people should be heavily weighted in that decision and their voice will soon be heard on Election Day.”

Piedmont Rising Executive Director Casey Wilkinson made the following statement:

“Tillis is committing to vote for a nominee before he even knows who it will be, demonstrating that he has no intention of doing his job and is simply using his last few months in Washington to rubber stamp a radical Republican agenda. This is not the North Carolina way.

“On November 10th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case to repeal the ACA entirely, and Tillis’ vote to confirm a nominee is another vote to strip health care from 600,000 North Carolinians and wipe out pre-existing conditions protections for 1.7 million. North Carolinians want a senator who will protect their fundamental rights and their health care, not a spineless hypocrite whose first instinct is always to cave to his Washington party bosses and special interest donors.”


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