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Will Tillis Support Trump’s Decision to Blow Up Stimulus Negotiations?


October 6, 2020

Will Tillis Support Trump’s Decision to Blow Up Stimulus Negotiations?

Hundreds of Thousands of North Carolinians Face Economic Devastation as Trump Demands Senate GOP Focus on SCOTUS

Coney Barrett Will Gut Health Care Protections for Millions

Raleigh, N.C. - This afternoon, President Trump unilaterally blew up on-going negotiations over a new stimulus bill, instead demanding that Senate Republicans focus solely on confirming his anti-health care nominee to the Supreme Court. Republicans have failed to pass a stimulus bill for months, leaving North Carolina families facing economic devastation in the face of a slowing recovery.

Polling released last week showed that North Carolinians reject rushing a nominee onto the court and move against Tillis when presented with messages detailing how a new Justice might take away health care protections.

Piedmont Rising Executive Director Casey Wilkinson made the following statement:

“If Tillis stands by Trump’s decision to blow up stimulus negotiations, he will be sending the message that his top priority is stripping away millions of North Carolinians’ health care in the middle of a pandemic. Tilli’s priority should be the hundreds of thousands of North Carolina families continue to face economic devastation in the face of a slow recovery. Tillis shouldn’t cave yet again to his Washington party bosses who care more about getting a Supreme Court Justice who will give Big Pharma free reign to raise drug prices, gut protections for pre-existing conditions, and make premiums unaffordable. If Tillis betrays North Carolina now, voters will have one more reason to send him packing in November.”


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